Last Updated: Jul 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jan 13, 2018

Owner: stalcraft2



StalCraft 2 adds many new upgradeable Weapons, Wands, new Enchantments and some Decoration Blocks to Minecraft.


Features by the project:                                                                                                 



Wooden Swords in every type of Wood

Emerald Sword



Wooden Sticks in every type of Wood



Wooden Ladders in every type of Wood



Thunder-(I) [Bow]

Explosion-(I) [Bow]

GrassWalker-(I-III) [Boots]



Supported Languages

English [en_US]  - stal111

German [de_DE] - stal111

Russian [ru_RU] - MrTimSol


I'm looking for translators! Just contact me!




You can use the mod "StalCraft2" in a modpack without asking me!



When you have ideas for the mod you can post them in the comments bellow or send me a message!


 I'm looking for a texture artist! 


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