StacyPlays Mod

78,216 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

A mod that adds a tamable Stacy to your world!


- New Features

Stacy can now help you fight off mobs and be your companion.

*To tame her use bones and right click her legs. (It should pop out hearts if tamed)

* You can make her unfollow by right clicking her legs (it isn't visible so you will have to guess)

*You can make her fight mobs by hitting them and she should go and fight it.

* You will need to feed your Stacy with food (e.g Raw/Cooked Porkchops, Raw/Cooked Beef & Raw/Cooked Chicken) or she will die.


- Features:

*Drop bones and a milk bucket, when killing her.

*Follow your around, when holding a Milk Bucket.


- Removed Features:

*Panic and run away when near monster :D

*Give you bones when right clicking on her with a milk bucket.


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