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With Stacked Armor Trims you can use as many armor trims as you like, for even more custom armor options!


 Everything still gets displayed correctly 


You can remove trims with flint in an anvil

you can remove the trims with flint in an anvil


This mod is compatible with:



  • Forge or Fabric? This mod is for fabric.
  • Forge Version? Maybe Coming Soon
  • Client or Server? It is possible for Vanilla clients to join a server with this mod, no armor trims will render though. -> Needs to be on both for it to work.
  • Modpack? You can use it in any modpack, credit me if possible.
  • Modrinth? Here
  • Is this mod compatible with x? I don't know, haven't tested it. I will add a list of incompatible mods if any problems come to my attention.


This mod is incompatible with:

  • Immediately Fast [ CurseForge | Modrinth ] Only one piece of armor renders its trims in the inventory.