Elytra Trims


Elytra Trims

With this mod, you can add armor trims, dye your elytra in any color, and put banner patterns on them.
It also comes with resourcepack support, mod config, and server-side support.
Let your creativity soar and make your elytra stand out with the Elytra Trims mod!

For more trims check out Elytra Trims Extensions

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Elytra Trims has to be installed on the client to be able to see trims and other features.
Installing it on a server enables new trimming and crafting recipes. It doesn't require all players to have the mod, but in that case they won't see the trims/dyes/etc.

You can technically obtain a trimmed/dyed elytra on a server without the mod. To do it create an elytra you want in creative singleplayer, save it in a hotbar and load on the server.


Put any trim on your elytra just like any other armor. Mod provides a default resourcepack with all vanilla trims, but it can be expanded further.

A few trims

Banner patterns

Combine your elytra with a banner to add intricate patterns and designs to your elytra.

Elytra with banner patterns


If you fancy something simplistic, dye your elytra however you want in a crafting table.

Dyed elytra


Craft your elytra with a glow ink sac to make it glow in the dark.

Glowing trim

Mod compatibility

This lists mods Elytra Trims has explicit support for or known to work with. It's likely to work with other mods, but you'll have to try it out.



  • Customizable Elytra - overrides elytra renderer entirely, preventing Elytra Trims from working.


With resourcepack support, you can customize all the mod's features to your liking. Change the texture of your armor trims or add a unique design to your elytra pattern with ease.


(Elytra Trims will be referred as ET)

I can't put trims/banner/dyes on the elytra!

  • If you're playing on a server, ET has to be installed there. On a paper/purpur/spigot or vanilla server you can use the datapack, but it will only work for trims. If you're playing in singleplayer, it means ET is not loaded. Look up on YouTube how to install mods.

How do I use this mod on a server without it?

  • Client-side commands are planned, however for now the easiest way is to save trimmed elytra in a creative hotbar and load it on a server.
    Survival recipes are not possible without the mod installed on the server.

How can I remove trims/patterns/dye/glow from my elytra?

  • To remove patterns, dye and glow (all together), click with elytra on a cauldrow with water.
    Trims can't be removed without other mods due to vanilla parity.

Trims look bad with capes!

  • Install Mod Menu and YACL. In the mods tab find ET and open its settings. There you can disable rendering elytra capes. This is preferable to the vanilla cape setting because it will keep the cape while not wearing an elytra.