Stack Refill (Legacy Fabric)

Requires the library mod Collective (Fabric) and the Fabric API.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Stack Refill is a utility mod which automatically refills the itemstack in the player's hand if there is any of the same item in the inventory. It works for weapons in combat, tools used on blocks, stacks when placing blocks, eating food, using potions, tossing items on the ground, drinking milk buckets, when breaking a fishing rod and should work with all modded blocks. One of my personal favourite quality of life tweaks.

Has to be installed on both the client and the server for the best reliance. Can be used server-side only, but this may cause some visual desyncs.

Some GIFs:
A sword being replaced during combat:

A shovel being replaced when digging dirt:

Log blocks being replaced while placing them down:

Bread being replaced after consumption:

Potions being replaced after consumption:

Items replaced after being tossed:

A milk bucket being replaced after being consumed:

A fresh fishing rod after its last use:

When using items on (modded) blocks, such as a sieve from Ex Nihilo:


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