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This mod is currently discontinued, I have no intentions of continuing this mod. I'm sorry to those who liked this mod.

NOTE: ShopPlus 2.0 version ONLY WORKS for Device Mod 4.0!!!

This mod is an addon for MrCrayfish's Device Mod. It adds in an app called Shop.

In this app, you are able to buy items with emeralds inside your emerald bank account.

Below is the app when you just opened it. Your emerald bank balance is shown on the top left corner. The quantity to buy is on the right side, a number pad. The item categories is in top-middle, currently there are 3: Food, Armor and Tools. Lastly, to the bottom left is the items available for purchase in a category.


And this is when you select an item. The item is displayed just beside the numbers pad, alongside the amount you wish to purchase. And below is the total cost of the item. And finally, the "Buy" button where emeralds would be deducted from your emerald bank and the items will be deposited into your inventory.


And finally, the numbers pad in action alongside another category selected. No matter the quantity you input beyond 64, you will only be able to purchase a maximum of 64 in a single purchase.


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