Spooky Biomes: Skeleton Edition

258 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

The first in a series of mods focused around the concept of mobs, this is the skeleton edition. Ever wondered where the walking piles of bones came from? This place, hear the sound of bones crunching underneath your feet as you step through the warped landscape devoid of color and life; not counting the sleletons of course. If you find the biome be prepared to fight off the three new mobs! The departed skeleton is fast and weak, the wrathful skeleton is slow but strong. Then there's... the boss. I won't talk about him. As you're fighting you may notice one of the skeletons drop a "Bleeding heart", no, its not some new alternative album or edgy piece of artwork. It's a fruit, one which can be baked into one of the new food items. Eaten plain, or turned into a pie, then washed down with a cocktail. Sounds delicious, right? If you happen to grab some bones, you can combine it with wood to make a new tool set constructed of bones! Some of these are very powerful and would serve you well to create! If you enjoy the mod, a comment expressing your enjoyment would be much appreciated. A mod review video would also be appreciated, and even shown on the page for the mod! So please, enjoy! (Made with Mcreator)


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