Spiked Foods

9,351 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Spiked Foods is a simple and ingenious mod that extends and improves vanilla potion mechanics by adding the ability to spike food items.

With this mod, you'll have the power to assassinate your enemies, add a whole new level to roleplaying, enhance edible items like golden apples, pull pranks on friends, and so much more!


Spiking foods in this mod is a shapeless recipe involving one potion of your choice and one food item you'd like to spike. Alone, the item has no distinction from its unadulterated form, but it can not stack, so keep that in mind next time you try spiking someone.


While this mod offers endless possibilities, here's some neat ideas about its use:

  • Poison apples and feed them to your enemies!
  • Add extra potion effects to golden apples.
  • Turn normal apples into golden apples.
  • Turn bread into pain.
  • Be Hannah McKay from the show Dexter.
  • Roleplay the show Dexter.


  • You may post translated versions of this mod to other websites.
  • You may use this mod in a modpack.


If you enjoy the mod, buy me a latte or something!


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