Spider Wand

51,838 Downloads Last Updated: May 23, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Spider wand is a small mod that adds in one usable item, the Spider Wand! the Spider wand acts much similar to other mods, just with only this functionality. 


How it works

To use the wand, simply shift right-click a block that has an inventory and it'll drop a Webbed Contents item, this item is not craftable and is not usable by spawning it in. when you right click with the Webbed Contents, it'll place the block right back to how it was before, just in a new location!



Vortex Gem


Wand Rod


Spider Wand



This mod is still work-in-progress, as such, i cannot guarantee the stability of Spider Wand. So tread with caution i guess. This is my first actual mod I have made so expect SOME bugs with it.


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