Spell Storm

1,650 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

This minecraft mod provides new magical items for the vanilla game.


Explore your world to find new items and blocks and to craft some powerful spells.




All the blocks currently in the mod.



This corrupted crystal ore is only spawning in the End. They don't spawn on the The End main island.

You can find them under the height 35y.



The crystal ore only spawn in the overworld under 15y.


The Soulextractor block is used to extract the souls from the Soulcatcher item.

The souls will converted into useable mana.



Manainfuser is used to charge the magicals spells/pages.

Every item that have mana power can be usesd to charge a spell.

The mana sources should match each other.

For example:


Magical Forge is used to merg two items together into one item.

Recipe example:


This tree are spawned in the overworld and are quit rare.



All the items currently in the mod.


The crystals are harvested from the crystal ores.

They are the base for all magical items in the mod.


The harvest level is 4. (Diamond level):


The corrupted crystals can be harvested from the corrupted crystal ores in the End.

It's used for unknown magic. Like soul harvesting or teleportation.


The harvest level is 5. (Netherite level):


Book Of Spells is a magical item that can store spell pages to save inventory space.

It can hold up to 6 pages.


Book Of Spells' GUI:


 The Soulcatcher item can contain one soul from a livingentity.

The soul can be extracted into mana.


Magical pages are used to cast spells. 

This spell for example can mine instantly any block.


The book of mana can store a lot of mana and any mana type.

It can be filled in the Soulexractor or Manainfuser and is used to charge the pages in the Manainfuser.


 A showcase video is coming soon.


English and German is a supported language.


This mod is still in the early version, but new features will be available soon.

I would appreciate feedback such as new feature ideas or bugs.

  • Report bugs, problems, or suggestions in the comments or contact me on Discord DarkLions#0535


Hopefully this description has helped.


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