Speed Carts

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Speed Carts - Enhanced Minecart Travel

Original design and implementation by Pleezon.


By default, minecarts travel at exactly 8 meters per second. This is too slow for minecarts to be a competitive alternative to other, lazier forms of travel like the Elytra or nether portals. This mod hopes to introduce some needed balance for that!


Just add a sign beside the rail, whose first line contains a number indicating the speed that passing minecarts should have, in meters per second. Do be aware that moving faster than 8 meters per second while turning or going up or down on an incline will result in derailing, and probably your own death if you're not careful.


This mod can be installed in singleplayer, or as a server-side-only mod which still allows vanilla clients to connect.


Sample Usage


Here's a video demonstration of Speed Carts in action: