Spectral Hunters

209 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2   +1

Spectral hunters adds a new post-diamond gear that has a unique way of getting it.

How to get the new gear:
Enchant a sword with the new enchantment "Soul Harvester"
Kill a mob. There is a 3-9% chance it will summon a new mob, the specter, depending on enchantment level
Kill it to get ectoplasm
Use 4 ectoplasm with a diamond tool in the crafting table to create the new tool

What makes the gear better than diamond is it does more attack damage, it has more efficiency and when you kill a mob it has a chance to summon a friendly specter that fights for you. The main problem with this gear is that it has a worse durability than diamond gear.
Made with MCreator

This mod is pretty small, and definitely not my best work. If you enjoyed it please check out my far superior mod Simple Sorcery


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