Story Mode Additions


Geckolib is required !

 Made using Mcreator

Looking for a mod that adds more adventure? More treasures? Or dangerous foes coming straight out of Minecraft Story Mode? If so, this is the mod for you!

Immerse yourself in the world of Spayzers' Story Mode Additions, a mod that cleverly takes the elements of Minecraft Story Mode and adds them to the world of Minecraft, with some features receving modifications. Adding (for now) more than 15 new mobs, over 40 decorative items, imposing structures, a new dimension, powerful weapons and armor, as well as fearsome bosses, this mod promises an epic adventure and thrilling challenges at every turn.

 Some mobs like the icy one or the prismarine foes will spawn randomly around the world, they will get respective structures in the future where they will spawn in, the rest of the mobs are in the creative tab.

This mod is still in alpha, and many elements such as weapons, armor, dimension, structures and bosses are still under development.

But fear not! Updates will be forthcoming, adding everything promised.

Checklist / future updates

Sky dimension, sky city and blaze rods, Aiden as boss, special blaze rod sword : not done

Mystery mansion, white pumpkin boss, special white pumpkin axe item : not done

Pama boss, Crowd Mesa, redstone heart (stil have to figure out how i'm going to make the boss) : not done

Sea Temple, Prismarine Colossus boss, structures blocks : not done

Icy Palace of Despair, tower with 3 boss : not done

The Underneath dimension, sunshine institute structure, giant obsidian maze, Fred keep, the Oasis, Romeoburg, three headed ghast boss, giant enderman boss, giant magma golem boss, ninja ivor miniboss : not done (will be separate into multiples updates)

Twisted beacon town, the Terminal, The Admin/Romeo as final boss : not done (probably the final update that will add the stuff from mcsm)

If you have any suggestions or have found a bug, please let me know!