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Spawner Imbuer


This project has been discontinued and won't be updated.


Spawner Imbuer is a mod that allows vanilla mob spawners to run even if there are no players in range of the spawner. Do keep in mind that the chunk of the spawner has to be active (loaded) for the spawner to work.

Besides this tweak, it adds no content whatsoever.


Modded is all about automation. While the "player should be in range" requirement might make sense in vanilla, for modded I think it should circumvent this for automation with chunkloaders.

Won't this cause lag (too much mobs)?

No, you are still limited by vanilla spawner mechanics: spawners don't run when there are too many mobs in the area.

Will this also run spawners from unloaded chunks?

No, the spawner has to be in a loaded chunk in order to be active.

For servers: does this mod have to be installed on the client as well?

No, it can just be installed on the server.