187,488 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 9, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

A library mod used by several other mods that reduces the amount of identical code.

Config Options
general:refreshRate (default: 5) - The interval in ticks between updates are sent over the network. Increasing this value will make updates slower, but reduce bandwidth usage.
general:replaceModOptions (default: true) - Set to true to replace the in-game menu 'Mod Options' button with a button 'Mods' that opens the list of mods instead.
general:textureMapId (default: 10) - The ID of a custom texture atlas used by some mods
Known Issues
  • None right now, report them to me and I'll update the list (if I don't forget about it for half a year)

Some versions of this mod contain code that logs launches and installations, this has since then been removed in newer versions but still exists in the older versions. You can disable this behaviour by setting optOut to true in the config or by turning the Minecraft snooper off.


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