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Hi. I'm sorry to say but I'm not going to support this mod anymore. This was the first proper Mod that I ever developed and I have to say the programming is awfull. I wrote up the code before I even understood the basis of object orientated programming, causing my mod to be programmed really poorly. Another thing I did wrong was develop on 3 different versions; one of the worst things a programmer can do. As the mod developed more and became more intricate, attempting to keep up with 3 different APIs became terrible and made me not want to work on this mod for a long time. Also, the custom sound engiene I used was appaling. It was a poorly edited version of jorbis and I couldn't pause or loop or change the volume. It was poorly written and not well executed. Ultimately, I stopped development on this because of the crap  programming on my behalf. Also, everything I wanted to this mod, I've added, rendering this mod finished. The final version is version 1.7.1. anything after that is just dumb things I tried to keep this mod alive. Feel free to expand on this mod, I give everyone and anyone full permission to do what ever they want with this mod, whether that be continuing development or stripping it appart. The only thing I will say is some of the sounds used are copyrighted so be carful. 

I'm working on a new Mod at the moment which I consider to be much better (content and code wise). Link here


The Mod does the following:

  • Creates birds chirping in trees
  • Jungles have loud bird sounds
  • The morning chorus of birds
  • Redone the fire sound
  • Wind when higher up
  • Night has its own sounds
  • Beaches have wave noises
  • Storms have story sounds
  • Nether has hell sounds
  • The fight with the end dragon is very spectacular. 
  • The Wither Boss fight has dramatic music
  • While the wither is invulnerable, a singular note playes, and gets higher until you can fight
  • The End has Ambient sounds
  • Shulkers have Ambient sounds
  • The end poem has background music
  • (1.11.2+) End Cities have a "buzz" when you go near them
  • (1.11.2+) Strongholds have cool sounds for when you're by them
  • Works on Vanilla servers


Secret function

To turn it on, go to the main menu, then Mods > Sounds Extended (Scroll down) > General Settings > Then click "secret" to toggle it on and off. The "secret" option are features that are too ridiculous to be in the default version; so they're in the "secret" version.  There is currently only 1 "secret" in the game.


  • Jack Sparrow
  • oink




Note all these are configurable

Modded Support

The mod has support for modded biomes and dimensions from the following Mods:

  • Minecraft (obviously)
  • Biomes O Plenty
  • Traverse
  • AbyssalCraft
  • Integrated Dynamics
  • RealWorld



Having the end poem song in your video will demonetize it, but still allow the video to be up. The end poem music will very soon be configurable in the config.



I do not own any of these sounds used unless explicitly stated. All rights belong to the respective owners of the sounds, of which are listed below.



Boss battle by Juhani Junkala, music here

End Poem Song (Coming Soon!) by Philip Glass, music here




Note that this mod is very new and there is likly to be alot of bugs and errors.  If you find an error or bug report it here

Also note that the sound system is biome dependent and foliage dependent, meaning if you are in a forest biome without any grass or leaves or dirt, no sounds will play. 

If you want to suggest an idea I'd be more than happy to look over it. Link here

It is recommended that a form of Shaders is used. (My prefered is SEUS v11)

Link to Github here

For those of you intrested, the update tracker is located here 









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