SoundBounds is a region-based soundtracking mod created for Crypts & Creepers. It blocks all of Minecraft's vanilla music, and replaces it with a customizable region-based soundtrack. Like Minecraft itself, SoundBounds uses OpenAL (through LWJGL) for its sound engine, resulting in much more seamless integration (smoother fades, less hardware issues) than existing soundtracking mods. SoundBounds is best suited for projects like adventure maps, where a soundtrack can be meticulously specified to fit a pre-built map.




Usage: Read the wiki! It has everything you need to know. Open an issue if it's missing something.


Note: This mod is built with Architectury for the sake of future-proofing and adherence to C&C standards. I have no plans to release a Fabric build as of yet, but maybe someday.


What's next for SoundBounds? As I see it, the biggest flaw with SoundBounds right now is the unwieldiness of its "volumes" system, where each region's bounds are defined by a list of AABBs. I'm currently in the process of replacing the volumes system with a different, more generic approach. Unfortunately I still have a lot of GUI code to write before I can release the new system, and I'm not a particularly competent graphics programmer. On top of the graphics issues, it requires that I tackle one of the lurking issues in SoundBounds' implementation: memory management. Might have to transition to a chunk-based loading system. It'll be really cool when it's done though, so please be patient while I sort it out! SoundBounds is still in beta, after all. :^)


Report a bug: If you've got a GitHub account, please file an issue in the GitHub issue tracker. Otherwise, file an issue on CurseForge. I'll probably migrate your issue to GitHub and post updates there, so keep that in mind. If you neglect to post your logs, I will not help you.


Logo by Caddy

Sprite art for the Bounds Baton by GrandLibra

Credit to Spookl and Equiston of the C&C team for coming up with the name SoundBounds

Special thanks to DenimRed and Equiston for being very very helpful throughout my development process