This is a fork of Sound Physics Fabric by vlad2305m which is a fork of Sound Physics by Sonic Ether.


A Minecraft mod that provides realistic sound attenuation, reverberation, and absorption through blocks.

Optimized for the use with Simple Voice Chat 2.X.X.




This mod does not require any dependencies, but it is recommended to use the following:




Changes to the Original Mod


  • Improved sound processing performance by a factor of 10
  • Optimized for Simple Voice Chat
  • Ported the mod to Forge
  • Improved configuration UI
  • Made Cloth Config optional
  • Tweaked default config values
  • Added reflectivity to the config GUI
  • Added occlusion variation
  • Added block occlusion factor config
  • Added debug sound bounce rendering
  • Added debug sound occlusion rendering


  • Fixed sounds not bouncing more than once
  • Fixed sound bouncing using an excessive amount of performance, despite not working at all
  • Fixed direction evaluation not taking sound source and primary bounces into account
  • Fixed sound allowance not working for /playsound command
  • Fixed unmapped field names in the reflectivity config
  • Fixed sound processing using player position instead of camera position