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Soulbound: Immortal Pets


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Three wolves and a player chase a skeleton in the forest at night. The image is captioned "Protect your beloved pets from harm and revive them if they die!

 Tired of your Minecraft pets dying all the time?  Afraid to bring them with you on adventures for fear of losing them?  Fear no more!  With Soulbound, you can soulbind your pets to you, allowing you to revive them if they die, as well as gaining powerful utilities like summoning your pets to you from anywhere in the dimension, using items to transport them, and even transferring them between owners!  Soulbound also uses a powerful dynamic compatibility system that provides detailed built-in settings for several mods, and the ability to dynamically define rules through a json file to allow the mod to support virtually any other mod.  Your modded pets will be just as safe as your vanilla ones! 

Soulbound introduces a number of items and blocks that provide helpful utilities related to pets.  At this time the mod contains...


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Can I use this mod for YouTube/produce content with it?

Of course!  All I ask is that you at least share the name of the mod, and ideally provide a link back to this Curseforge page if at all possible.


Can I use share this mod/ use it in a pack?

Absolutely-- provided you do so through Curseforge.  You are not permitted to reupload this mod anywhere without my permission, as that takes away any benefits I get from downloads of it!  If for whatever reason you absolutely cannot use Curseforge for your pack, please get in contact with me and we can discuss alternatives.


Who am I?

I am an independent modder and content creator, better known as JayPlays on YouTube.  I create content centered on animal and nature games, and most of my mods are in a similar vein, centered on realistic or fantasy creatures or mechanics to improve the function of such creatures in Minecraft.  I still create Minecraft let's plays on my second channel.  I'm in active development for other mods and modpacks here on CurseForge, so make sure to follow me here if you're interested in any of my other Minecraft projects.


Soulbound is in beta.  This means that bugs, issues, or crashes are more likely to arise during play.  If this happens, please report the problem using the issue tracker and include the debug log if possible!  This will help me fix and improve the mod.