Soul Shards: The Old Ways

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Hey you, person who's about to download this for 1.12. Go download this one instead. It's rewritten to run better and will be the version updated from here on out.

Soul Shards: The Old Ways

Soul Shards is a simple mod that allows you to store the souls of creatures inside gems for use in a Soul Cage to summon more of them later.


In the current releases, you obtain a shard by building a small structure and right clicking the center with a diamond, like so:



The first kill you get with a Shard in your inventory binds that shard to the killed entity. It will only receive souls from that entity from then on. To speed up the process, you can right click a Mob Spawner that contains the bound entity to increase it's stored amount by 200 (configurable). 



In 1.8+, the mod has been re-licensed as MIT. Do as you wish with it. If you ask if the mod can be included in a pack, you will be ignored.


Additional Information:

As of February 29, 2016, TehNut has taken over all development. All inquiries should go to him. 



1.7.10 Information:

Soul Shards: The Old Ways is bringing the mod full circle with the re-implementation of the Soul Forge and
Corrupted Essence, Unlike the original concept, this mod allows you to customize pretty much anything you
can think of within the mod.

Don’t like how long it takes to smelt Soulium or a Soul Shard?
You can change it in the configuration file.

Don’t want to use the new (old) mechanic?
Enable Easy Mode and it’ll revert to the old (newer) mechanic of right clicking glowstone
(Not recommended, and we will be phasing it out)

The official forum thread is located here:

And our Mod Pack Policy is:
You are allowed to use Soul Shards: The Old Ways in your mod pack as long as no part (item, file or mod pack)
is placed behind either pay walls or advertising links, and you do not re-distribute the mod by itself.


Source: https://github.com/SgtPunishment/Soul-Shards-The-Old-Ways

License: MMPLv2