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 New Update is already underway. Stay Tuned!

( Forge only )

Description 📋

Sorcerium is a magical mod that focuses mainly on wands and staffs with its own unique leveling system. The mod also adds other magical things and we will be updating it frequently. We would also like you to be a part of the update process, help us make this mod by giving us feedback and ideas here. Sorcerium is basically all you need for Minecraft's magic weaponry. We decided to keep it simple so you don't need any rituals to get items, just craft them!

Recipes 🔨

In order to see all recipes we highly advise you to download Just Enough Items mod.

Sorcery Level 🏹

You can only use certain staffs or wands if your Sorcery level is high enough, otherwise you will receive a notification that it is too low and you will not be able to use the item. To get the sorcery level you need to kill mobs with sorcerium's wands and staffs. The higher the level, the more kills you have to get, this way the mod is more progressive. 

Mobs 🐲

Wandering Chest

Allows player to have their own chest companion that follows them around and lets them store items inside.

Nature Element

Spawns for 40 seconds when Nature Wand is used to protect the owner. 

Boguslav The Sorcerer

Mod's mascot, doesn't do anything though. 

Wisp Orb

An orb that flies around the player. (WIP for now)

Versions 📋

  • 1.19.2 Supported
  • 1.16.5 Supported

Patrons 👑

bob32 - Bevan2

 Use our code "Breadworks" for 15% discount for your first month!

<Sorcerium is created and owned by Breadworks Studios>