Sophisticated Backpacks

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Filename sophisticatedbackpacks-1.17.1-
Uploaded by P3pp3rF1y
Uploaded Nov 30, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +1
Size 1.33 MB
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MD5 99fe55667e95535fa953c6178b1371ad
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Backpacks can now be open from player's inventory just simply by pointing at them with mouse and pressing backpack open keybind.
Slot memory now ignores item nbt and filters by item only. Also memorized slots' contents are ignored by sorting.
Shift clicking stacks into backpack will now try to put these into memorized slots right after merging items into already existing stacks and before the stack would be put into empty slot
Added comparator output based on fullness of the backpack
Added support for dropping backpacks when they are pushed by pistons
Magnet upgrade now functions as pickup that it is based on as well so if magnet isn't fast enough to put items into backpack and player picks them up instead they will get put into backpack as if pickup upgrade was used.
Filter upgrade now has option to filter by backpack contents
Pipes and upgrades will now put items into preexisting stacks first, then to memorized slots and only then to the first empty slot
Added support for Clumps experience orbs to Magnet upgrade

Updated Russian translation (thanks Fr0stmatic)
Updated Chinese translation (thanks PigeonNian)

Performance improvements to pipe interaction with backpacks that have inception upgrade in them

Fixed compacting upgrade incorrectly compacting items because of tags they have. It now considers item uncraftable only if it can be uncrafted in to the exact same item regardless of tags.

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