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With a severe lack of Sonic the Hedgehog mods for Minecraft (especially in modern versions like 1.16.5), I have decided to take matters into my own hands. In honor of Sonic the Hedgehog's 30 anniversary, I, EnderPreston, the creator of Village Employment, am proud to present...



This is the biggest Minecraft mod I have ever made, and as such, I would strongly recommend using Just Enough Items or Roughly Enough Items for the recipes. Because there are so many blocks and items in this mod, I don't think I'll be able to talk about all of them, so I'll just talk about the big stuff: the interactive blocks, the characters, and Sonic's world!


Interactive Blocks:

For the most part, all of the blocks based on the games act just like their game counterparts, but I'll still go over them, anyways. However, a few of the "blocks" listed here are actually interactive structures made of other blocks.

Gold Ring

You can find these in a few of the structures in Sonic's world, or you can make your own. You can break them the good old fashion way with tools and such, or you can walk into them to pick them up, and if you ask me, the latter is much cooler.



These bouncy bounce pads can be placed in all 6 directions, and they come in 3 different variants. Yellow springs only bounce you a few blocks high, red springs are much stronger, and modern springs are the same as red springs, but with a different design.


Item Box

Item Boxes can be found in Sonic's world, but they can also be crafted. When crafted, they start off empty. Empty Item Boxes can be used as TVs for the Sega Genesis, or crafted into proper Item Boxes, with actual items in them. They can also be crafted into Character Item Boxes, which look like Extra Life Item Boxes, but they actually summon Hero characters that can help you in several different ways!



You'd think this would be used to set your spawnpoint, but it actually emits a redstone signal when activated. Just like the Starposts in the games, your run through it to activate it. Right-click a Starpost to reset it so it can be ran through again.


Goal Plate

No, this doesn't set your spawnpoint, either, but it does spin when you, or one of the Hero characters, walk into it. When it's done spinning, it will show who last walked into it. If a player right-clicks their Goal Plate with a Special Stage Key, they'll get a Chaos Emerald!



Located in Spring Yard Zone and sometimes Casino Night Zone, these blocks can be pretty fun, but they can also get quite annoying after a while, especially when you're trying to get some loot or something.


Chaos Emerald Power Generator

When a Chaos Emerald is placed into this machine, it'll output a redstone signal. Don't put a Fake Chaos Emerald in there, though, unless you want the machine to blow up.


Sega Genesis

Also known as the Mega Drive (Yes, I did make sure this was called the "Mega Drive" for Minecraft's UK language setting), this game console was the birthplace of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. In Chemical Plant Zone, you can find cartridges for this console, but you'll need an Empty Item Box as a TV in order for all of this to work. Also, this is strictly for roleplay and decoration. Due to technical limitations, and for legal reasons, you can't actually play any games on this.



There are little animals inside of these 3-block-tall contraptions located all over Sonic's world. You can break it open with tools if you want, but in my opinion, it's much more satisfying to stomp down on that big yellow button at the top.



You can find these in Chemical Plant, and they come in two colors: light blue and green. When the player jumps onto that big yellow plunger at the top, the syringe will inject the Mega Mack blocks below it, and turn them into bouncier Mega Mack blocks.



Hero characters can be summoned using Character Item Boxes, and they can even be healed when fed their favorite foods. Villain characters are hostile, and that's pretty much it.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Favorite Food: Chili Dogs

Abilities: Spin Jump, Super Form


Miles "Tails" Prower


Favorite Food: Mint Candy

Abilities: Flies when right-clicked, right-click him again to let him carry you around.


Knuckles the Echidna


Favorite Food: Grapes

Abilities: Super Strength


Amy Rose


Favorite Food: Soft Serve Ice Cream

Abilities: Her hammer, I guess


Shadow the Hedgehog


Favorite Food: Cocoa Beans

Abilities: Super Speed and Super Strength


Rouge the Bat


Favorite Food: Unknown, but her favorite items are gems like diamonds and emeralds
Abilities: She has wings, but she doesn't really use them that much.


Dr. Eggman


Abilities: His machines (He uses a bomb-dropping, laser-equipped Eggmobile in Scrap Brain Zone, and his trusty Death Egg Robot in Death Egg Zone.)


Sonic's world:

This zone can be reached using a Giant Ring, which is activated using Flint and Ring.



These are the biomes that you'll see there:


Green Hill Zone

Basically the plains biome of Sonic's world. Keep your eyes peeled for Chao Gardens and even Tails' Workshop!


Marble Zone

The surface may look barebones, but the big tourist attraction here is the dungeons below. However, I will admit, the dungeons are kind of a work-in-progress, since only one kind of dungeon generates here.


Spring Yard Zone

A fun zone for those who like to bounce around uncontrollably.


Star Light Zone

If you need a place to chill out, this is a good place to go.


Scrap Brain Zone

This is where you'll find several different kinds of death traps and even an Eggman boss fight!


Chemical Plant Zone

If you like bouncing around, swimming, or collecting a bunch of loot, this zone is for you!


Aquatic Ruin Zone

Basically the ocean biome of Sonic's world. You can even find Labyrinth Zone beneath the surface of this biome.


Casino Night Zone

Feeling lucky? The giant slot machines here actually work, and they give you stuff if you can get a match!


WARNING: One time, while I testing out the slot machines, the game spontaneously crashed. I had used the slot machine at least 50 times at that point. I don't know what caused the crash, so just be cautious, and please let me know if this happens to you.


Death Egg Zone

Not actually a biome, but if you can make it past the death traps, it definitely pays off!



Team Sonic Racing cars (1.4.0+):


From left to right: Speed Star, Whirlwind Sport, Land Breaker, Pink Cabriolet, Dark Reaper, Lip Spyder, and Royal Chariot

How to interact:
Right-Click: Enter the vehicle
Left-Click: Damage the vehicle

Shift + Right-Click: Open the vehicle's Performance Parts menu
Shift + Left-Click: Transform the vehicle back into an item (All equipped Performance Parts are removed and also dropped as items)

Performance Parts:

From left to right: Defense (Increases Resistance), Speed (Increases Speed), Handling (Applies Regeneration, but decreases Speed)

Only 2 parts can be equipped at a time, so choose wisely.



For more information, and even some downloadable content and addons, check out SoniCraft's official website!


Q: Will you ever port this to Fabric?

A: Sadly, no. I don't even know how to make mods for Fabric.


Q: Can I find Sonic and his friends in Sonic's world just by exploring?
A: No. If I implemented that, we'd be finding fakers all over the place.


Q: Will you ever make the characters playable?
A: I'm afraid that's gonna have to be a no. That is entirely out of my area of expertise. HOWEVER, there is actually a Morph mod for 1.16.5/1.17 if you want to do it that way. You can't use any of the characters' abilities, but it's still a good work-around. The mod is called Budschie's Morph Mod, and I would highly recommend checking it out! ;)

Q: When will this be ported to 1.18?
A: Whenever the 1.19 Wild Update comes out, I guess, because that's how it usually is with MCreator mods. XD

Q: Why do I keep finding Alex's Mobs alligators in Marble Zone?
A: Sorry, but there is nothing I can really do about that.



Happy 30th anniversary, blue blur!



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