Some New Things

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Some New Things is a mod created by myself, SilentTrooper, that adds new things that I wanted in Minecraft and you might want too!


I might add other assets in the future, you are welcomed to give suggestions in the comments.

Also, if you think features can be improved, let me know your opinion!




New Building Blocks:

- Barrier and Barrier Corner

- Cobblestone Chimney

- Cobblestone Fireplace

- Cobblestone Slit Window

- Guard Rails and Guard Rails Corner

- Ladder (a 3D one!)

- Log Stairs

- Painted Planks (black, blue, gray, green, orange, red, white, yellow)

- Thatch

- Thatch Roof

- Thatch Slab

- Thin Planks (birch, jungle, oak, spruce)

- Window

- Wooden Palisade and Wooden Palisade Corner

- Wooden Pillar


New Decorations:

- Brazier

- Candle

- Chair (birch, jungle, oak, spruce)

- Stool (birch, jungle, oak, spruce)

- Table (birch, jungle, oak, spruce)


New Ores:

- Silver Ore

- Sulfur Ore


New Items:

- Glass Shard

- Gold

- Iron

- Silver

- Leather Scrap

- Silver Ingot

- Steel Ingot

- Tallow

- Sulfur


New Tools:

- Steel Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, and Shovel


New Weapons:

- Silver Sword

- Steel Battle Axe

- Steel Sword


New Armor:

- Steel Boots, Chestplate, Helmet, and Leggings


New Features:

- A Skeleton can drop its skull (which can be turned to Bonemeal).

- Leather armor now have to be made with Leather Scraps.

- A Steel Ingot can be obtained with an Iron Ingot (only with a Blast Furnace).

- Ore blocks drop their ores.

- A Saddle recipe.

- Pigs, cows and sheep now drop Tallow to make candles.

- Silver have an effect on monsters.

- Gunpowder can be made with Sulfur and Coal/Charcoal.

- Breaking Glass drops Glass Shards.

- Piglins have a chance to drop a Ghast Tear.




The Chimney and Slit Window can only be obtained via stonecutting. For the rest, take a look in the images section.




There is also a config file allowing you to remove certain mobs, you just have to replace "true" by "false".




You can use this mod in any modpack and take inspiration from my code. Just do not claim this mod as your own!


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