Hi all!

I made this little mod to give Sodium from Mekanism a purpose. Previously, I had a ModTweaker script, but now this project has grown too large to be just a script.

This mod needs CsokiCraftUtil, Mekanism and Thermal Expansion to function.

Additionally, if it detects Aluminium in your game, it adds ore tripling for that. (EDIT: Thermal Foundation now has Aluminium by default, so this is always enabled)

In 1.7.10, see NEI for crafting recipes.

In 1.10.2, I'll try to get JEI to display my recipes ASAP :/ (I have no clue right now)

1.2-Patch# versions

  • 1.10-patch1 works with ThermalExp 5.0.x
  • 1.10-patch2 works with ThermalExp 5.1.x

What's new in 1.3

There's two new batteries for holding CoFH RF:

  • Silver-Sodium-Aluminum battery: rechargeable, holds 100k RF, IO: 1k RF/tick (inspired by real-world silver-zinc batteries)
  • Copper-Sodium-Potato: non-rechargeable, holds 10k RF, discharge: 1k RF/tick (inspired by Tuberous Flux Capacitor from older ThermalExp) note: if you put an empty one into your inventory, it turns into a cooked potato

New in 1.3.3

  • Fireman's suit: an armorset with Fire protection V on it. It is made by adding Fireproof PE sheets to iron armor. Fireproof PE sheets are made by adding Aluminium hydroxide (fire retardant) to HDPE plastic.
  • Concrete powder (and, if IC2 is installed, CF powder too) can be crafted using Aluminium sulfate


You may use it in modpacks (under the terms of clause 3 of course)