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Filename sodium-fabric-mc1.19.3-0.4.9+build.23.jar
Uploaded by jellysquid3_
Uploaded Feb 5, 2023
Game Version 1.19.3   +4
Size 690.67 KB
Downloads 539,105
MD5 d410e9b6d456cc69065d0dd359c65fa3
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Java 17
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This version adds new a number of new optimizations and fixes a couple of bugs with the previous release. Most players will want to upgrade to this version.

  • Improved the performance of special effects, such as the enchanted item glint (up to 300% faster.)
  • Improved the performance of mob and block entity rendering (up to 20% faster.)
  • Improved the performance of chunk rendering by exchanging a small amount of memory for a reduced number of draw calls (up to 10% faster.)
  • Fixed a memory leak which would cause copies of chunks to remain in cache even if they were no longer needed.
  • Fixed a problem where animated textures which used interpolation would not have their alpha channel handled correctly.

NOTE: This version makes internal changes that will likely break mods that try to hook into Sodium (such as Iris, Indium, ImmediatelyFast, etc.) You will need to wait for an updated version of these mods.

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