SmoothCoasters is a client-side mod which contains significant enhancements to make your experience on roller coasters more realistic.

Please note that this mod does not add roller coasters to the game, it only improves existing ones.

Camera rotation

On supported servers, your head will be rotated automatically while you ride a roller coaster. Your view is not locked - you can still look around. Bukkit plugin developers can use SmoothCoastersAPI to support this feature. TrainCarts 1.16.1+ already supports it - simply enable the Lock Rotation seat option.

Rendering improvements

The following features work on all servers (and in single player):

  • Smoothes the poses of armor stands (applies rotations slowly instead of setting them instantly, MC-124519)
  • Fixes custom models on armor stands disappearing if you look away (MC-96853)

NOTE: This mod requires the Fabric mod loader and the Fabric API mod.