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Smart Moving 2019

there is an error when bending down that makes it decorative for now

The Smart Moving mod offers several additional movement possibilities

- Climbing only through holes in the walls.
-Stairs that climb with different speeds depending on the coverage of the stairs and / or neighboring blocks
-Alternative animations to fly and fall.
-Scaling along roofs and vines
- Jumping up and back while climbing
- Configurable runoff
-Alternative swimming
-Alternative jump
-Alternative flight
-Faster running
-Side and rear jumps
-Loaded jumps
-Wall jump
-Hap in the head


This is a project for the convenience of the users of the client.

This project is not mine, I'm just looking to update a somewhat forgotten mod











to use the mod you need the add-ons 

-R.Player API 2019:


-Player API 2019:


-S.Render (smart render 1.12.2)