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Hello Everyone!


So, it's been a while hasn't it? Good news is I've completely re-coded this for 1.12, fingers crossed it works a lot better now. There may be some problems with certain mods, as the methods I have used are quite intrusive, but also the cleanest way of doing it. You can have as many classes as you want, with as many mods inside of them, the new config file is fairly self explanatory, after you boot the game up once.


What does the mod actually do?


I'm glad you asked, it restricts the player to only being able to craft items from the mods defined in their class, thus enforcing 'in character' knowledge.


As an aside if you want Classes to be persistent in multiplayer make a folder called 'saves' in your forge server directory, that way the mod will have a place to save player classes. If you have any troubles around classes, you can always delete the file in there to fix it.


How do I pick a class?!


Press P, when you load on in the world, you'll be presented with a GUI of all the classes that are available!




 Example Config:

<class> Example Class
<class> Mechanical Engineer

<class> Scientist




------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Legacy Description:


It's that time again - Slug uploads a random mod which he thinks people will really want, but no-one else even has considered making it!


This one is a simple one (Summary says it all really): Allows the Server Admin to define classes for the players - the players then can only craft from the mods defined in that class!


Example Config (RPGclassescon):



Note the / tells my code that this is the start of a class and the * terminates that class. No more than 12 mods per class, and no more than 30 classes (for now, I will change all of this later!). The first line (after the slash) is always the class name, this is what will be used by the command /pickc <Classname> when picking a class. If you want to clear a class from a player (and you are a server admin/op), used the /help to find the clear class command, the text field is then used to specify what player is to lose their class. Be warned if you want your players to be able to craft vanilla items you will need to put minecraft in the class!


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