Slingshots and Pebbles

59 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

A mod that adds slingshots & pebbles. These items may look bad, because this is the 1st time I have made a mod. Still, it is fun to use them.


How to use this mod:
The first thing you do is you get a stone pickaxe, which is in vanilla minecraft. This is because the new pebbles block in my mod can only be broken from a stone pickaxe or better. Wooden & golden pickaxes don't work. After mining your 1st pebbles block, you will get 9 pebble items. Every pebbles block drops 9 pebble items. Fortune does not work on this block. After that, if you want, you can craft the pebbles block again, using the 9 pebble items you got in a similar crafting recipe to the iron block, to get the pebbles block. You can craft the pebble items using the pebbles block by just putting the pebbles block into the crafting table. Then, you can make the slingshot by putting 1 string to the crafting table along with 4 sticks (crafting recipe in the images tab).


Perks of slingshot:

It has insane knockback, because it should be used for keeping mobs away, using the knockback.

It can also be used for fun attacks, as it deals low damage.


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