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This is a Fabric, server mod.
It's inspired by a tweet from Cubfan135.
This mod produces slime particles and a tiny squishy sound on players' feet when they walk or run in a slime chunk area.


Slime chunks are chunks that have the capability to spawn slimes below Y=40. Without the help of external tools, they are hard to detect while roaming in caves as slime spawning is low, especially when a lot of dark caves are nearby and the mob cap is filled. So this mod adds a visual clue that slimes can spawn in the current chunks, as if you were stepping on a slime deposit.


As this is a server side mod, all players benefit of the feature to detect slime chunks while staying close to vanilla. There's nothing to install on clients.
=> If installed on the client, it will work for local games.
P.S. I will not convert it to a Forge version, but if you feel like doing it, let me know ;)