Slime Breeder Advanced






  • This mod allows for a new type of slime to spawn in the Overworld.
  • These slimes come in a variety of colours and can be crossbred to create new colours using real colour mixing mechanics!
  • The slime's drops are colour dependant, carrot orange slimes drop carrots, diamond blue coloured Slimes drop diamonds!
  • Slimes come with there own genetics allowing you to breed and customise your own perfect slime colony. 

 Big thanks again to KelsiThePyrofly for the updated mod review!



How to Breed 'Coloured Slimes'


  • Find two coloured slimes in the wild (plains, forest, savanna, swampland ect while its raining).
  • Craft two 'Breeding Catalysts'.
  • Use 'Breeding Catalysts' on wild coloured slimes, activating them.
  • Wait for the coloured slimes to bump into each other.
  • ????
  • Profit.



Ingame Book

An ingame guide to the content of the mod, it covers everything you need to play the mod. Shapeless recipe:

Book Recipe


Empty Slime Capsule

One of the most basic items in the mod. Serves as 'ammo' for the Slimalyser (see below) as well as key components in the crafting recipes in this mod.


 Breeding Catalyst

Right click a coloured slime with this to activate its latent breeding capabilities. Once two 'activated' slimes breed, their offspring will automatically be able to breed.

Breeding Catalyst

 The Slimalyser

The Slimalyser is your main tool for engineering the colour of your slimes, use it (right-click) on a coloured slime with 'Empty Slime Capsules' in your inventory to take a sample. Once you have collected your sample sneak-use the Slimalyser to open it's gui.

The Slimalyser



The Slimalyser Gui

Place in either of the top slots (left or right) an item or 'Filled Slime Capsule' and the gui will change accordingly to tell you how similar the two items are in colour. Similarities of greater that 90% suggests the slime is capable of dropping that item! If an Item is unable to be added to one of the slots that means its currently unable to be dropped by slimes.

Slimalyser Gui



slimebreeder 0.0.2

  • Added a way of viewing a slime's genetics (tooltip for filled slime capsule)
  • Nerfed Slow effect caused by slimes.
  • Improved slime collision box size.

Slimebreeder V3

  • Improved breeding and feeding AI
  • Added ingame book
  • Coloured Slimes can now be domesticated
  • New form of crafting implemented
  • Added slime infused tools and armour
  • Many bugfixes

Slime Breeder Advanced 3.0.3

  • Slime Crafting bug fixes
  • Spawn egg added
  • Despawning issues resolved
  • Fixed lack of names for some Slime Infused tools

 Future Plans

  • Add ingame information book?  Implemented V3 and above!
  • Add armour that prevents slimes attacking?  Implemented V3 and above!
  • Tameable pet slimes?  Implemented V3 and above!
  • 1.11 Update Implemented in v3.0.3
  • 1.12 Update Implemented in v3.0.3
  • Compatibility patches for other mods
  • Automatation of slime crafting?

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Big thanks to all the people who frequent the mod development section of the minecraft forum, (most notably BrightSpark) who helped me develop this mod. Also shout out to Jablar and Grey Ghost who's tutorials were very helpful. Also, very big thank you to KelsiThePyroFly for making such great videos!