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For as long as i have played Minecraft, i have always wanted a more realistic or at least a functional butchering like system to make the game the little bit more special and there have been many attempts in the past of making a butchering mod but for some reason they never got very far until today...... Why did i write that its mostly utter nonsense and self flattery oh well.


SlaughterCraft is a mod about butchering mobs to get their parts to cook, making into soups stews or broths and eat.


if you would like to join the official Coders-Down-Under discord server for the latest news and stuff, here is a link discord link

if you would like to suggest a feature or inform me of a bug please do so here SlaughterCraft Github Issue Tracker.



Changelog for beta v0.3.0

Beta V0.3.0

-Partial to full rewrite of mod and code clean up
-Changed config system again(the forge gui config system never works right for me)
-Fix a few bugs here and there

-Some animania compatability

(Warning may not be compatible with older versions of the mod)