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Filename SlashBlade-mc1.10.2-r39.jar
Uploaded by flammpfeil
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 3.34 MB
Downloads 18,510
MD5 79a6cb00c1bffe5941f31bfcf4716240
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


fix: experience value absorption exception handling when EXP is 0 or less
fix: anvil name clear
add: rank down factor by Whiffs
fix: config comment vanishing

fix: Failed to load keybind

fix: Recipe gui render event crash

fix: server side crash(use client only class)

add: NFCS visual effect(can disable

r34 (followed 1.11.2 r9
fix: achievement icons
update fix 1.11.2
add: Achievement Recipe GUI (potion / anvil)
mod: Unique blades change to "Bewitched" ones when enchanted.
add: SummonedSword Taunt Action need Power EnchantedBlade onGround + QuickTurnKey hold + SummonedSword
fix: Delete duplicate functions.
mod: souleater fire timing change
(taunting sync add: taunt = exp up effect(It accumulates, n max=5,addexp=n*5)
add: taunt fire condition(It needs to be seen from Entity
fix:lumber clash(add: broke check)
fix:server crash (disabled config gui element)

fix:The function that the player sneaks and tossed was not could not be spawn in the ItemEntity state.

fix: add null check (Manager Entities

fix: drop event error
add: enchantment visual effect enabled config(default: true)

add:new SpecialEffect HFCustom
use ForgeEnergyAPI
effect : Damage bypassing any defensive effect
add: EnderIO support
aveilable: It is like an empower recipe for anvil.

add: new SpecialEffect BlastEdge
It accumulates debuff and explodes when it exceeds a certain value.
When Lv is low, it hurts itself.
drop:powered creeper

mod: lockon circle Increase in lightness
add:fence & mob right click cancelling

fix: startup crash
mod: Take temporary measures against DataManager cast bugs.
(Crash when making stand and other

mod: I changed it so that "IThrowableEntity" can be registered in destructible config.
It can protect non-threatening Entity.

fix: render conflict ElecCore fix again (enbug r26)

fix: render conflict ElecCore #31

add: Separation name key sa drive / vdrive
add: new move
Stinger: hasOff&MainBladee + Lockon + MoveForwerd + onGround + RightClick

mod: I try to fix #31 (I can not confirm the occurrence.)
add: Lumber skill (trigger: harvesting log wood)
fix: BambooMod compatibility

fix: named blade soul Unavailable(allways pure blade soul crystal
mod: blade soul Crystal / Trapezohedron cost reduction
400ps -> 50ps
(use pure tiny soul = burn & add 50ps)
mod: named blade forging cost reduction
-nameless-blade proudsoul 1000ps -> 0ps
add: SafeDrop config
(default = true: BladeStand Entity Spawn /false : allways EntityItem)


fix: render NPE clash (add null check
fix: server side crash (use client only method bug)
fix: helm braker excessive repetition hit(low jump start
fix: calibur move rework

fix: gui lighting bug (r20 enbug)
fix: helm braker floating
add: rank config(difficulty)
mod: calibur move smooth?
mod: rank point sync logic(Reduce Packet Usage)

fix: shader mod render compability
add: Taunt
Trigger : no move & to scabbard the sword
Effect : Enemy to add the effect of lowering resistance and strength and speed up to
It gives the equivalent of hate and damage of 100 points.

fix:scabbard drop dupe
compile #mc1.10.2

fix:#25 add null check

omit:"left click reach stretch" It was often the cause of the crash.

add:Owner system
-Owner registration
--BladeStand <- LeftClick:BladeSoulTrapezohedron
-Owner unregistration
--BladeStand <- LeftClick:BladeSoulTrapezohedron = Owner or OP PriorityLv<=2

-Stand: pick up = Owner or OP PriorityLv<=2
-Blade Specific ability: Other than the owner is sealed to the hand. Only the owner can be dispel.

how to get BladeSoulTrapezohedron
1.bladestand put blade(need ps<=800)
2.bladestand ignition = click : pure "Tiny PuroudSoul"
3.bladestand burning Click : pure "ProudSoul" = get BladeSoulCrystal
3.bladestand burning Click : pure "BladeSoulCrystal" = get BladeSoulTrapezohedron

fix: view RenderMatrix conflict (map mod waypoint confusion)
mod: achievements layout

fix: Lack of resource(slash dim model data)

add: lock-on circle render(health visualizer)

add: new SA MaximumBet (id:8)
now can't get in game

fix: multi player render (flicker when the other player swing)
server side:no changed

fix: potion recipe
fix: enchanted sharpness white recipe
fix: first person view = Item disappear #16

fix: rollback - destructable blades : can get itemProudSoul

add: Offhand Blade Combo
fix: Destructable blade = enable : get itemProudSoul
add register recipesorter

fix:Item Blade Render
IBakedModel hack > use TESR

add:slashDimension Effect entity
mod: slashdim parameter

add: Calibur cycle use Limitt 1
reset: onGround or EnemyStep


add: new Skill

Triggering Condisions:
onJump & lockon & moveForward & rightClick

Triggering Condisions:
onJump & lockon & moveBack > moveForward & rightClick

fix: auto repair(tiny soul) not required level
fix: ManagerEntity spawon logic rework
mod: Soul Enchanting : Unbreaking max Level 5
mod: MotionBlur rework
mod: SpiralSwords rotation logic rework

Projectile killer rework
Triggering conditions:
Sneak & onGround & Blade = Thorns enchanted & not Broken
1 guard = 1 item damage
sound & visual Effect

add: DifficultyForLocation support : rust blade spawnrate
add: support ShadersMod firstPersonView render

add: named blade soul GetChance "Defeat the Boss"

add: support ExBlades

fix: itemframe set dupe

add: Custom Durability bar
fix: Anvil cost count
mod: use soul ingot recipe = sharpness white + Unbreaking Lv4

mod: first person view angle(good looking motion blur angle
mod: BetterAchevements support logic
add: RecipeGui close button


fix: BladeStand enchanting - Item minus count

add: motion blur
add: BladeStand ignition pureTinyProudSoul = 20sec & (ps bonus +50)
add: BetterAchevements support little

add: GrimGrip (AirTrick Teleport target)

save point = use BladeSoulCrystal & Sneak & RightClick
put starter = use BladeSoulCrystal & Sneak & QuartzBlock RightClick
remove starter = no helditem & Sneak & LeftClick

add: BladeSoulCrystal
Burning BladeStand & Blade:ProudSoul=400 & item ProudSoul LeftClick

add: soul material anvil repair bonus


add: draw lots system
Enchanted Item ProudSoul > BladeCrystal (random = bladename soul)
noEnchanted Item ProudSoul > pure BladeCrystal

use Anvil
("anonymity-nameless-" ps=1000) + "bladename soul" = named blade

mod: shape-up summonedsword visual
mod: summonedSword hit timing change

mod: blade durability management code rework
add: RapidSlash += UpthrustBlast mod: breaking process rework
fix: collision update

fix:ServerSideClash use ClientOnlyClass

add: blistering = Armor-Piercing(over 1000killed blade only)
add: heavyRain = freeze(TimeStop)
mod: freeze time update logic

add: RapidSlash
lockon & moveForward & right click
add: RisingStar
lockon & moveForward & right hold

mod: UpperSlash jump height up

add: lockon key(substitute sneak)
add: quick trun key(isoleted sneak)