Sky Islands

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[This mod is no longer maintained]


If you can't choose between the classic minecraft overworld generation wich is really boring and a skyblock generation which can be so much hard to play this mod if made for you.


Sky Islands add a Skyland world generator to the game. Skyland is a void world that contains numbers of floating islands of various sizes, for example The Aether is a Skyland world.


To use the Sky Island generator, just create a new world and choose "Skyland" as World Type.


For servers : In set level-type=SKYLAND


This mod now support Biome o' Plenty Biomes, to use it turn the BOP compatibility config  to true (and obviously install BOP).


A config "starting inventory" is available now, turn it to true to get elytras and fireworks when first spawn. Note that due to a minecraft bug/functionality you will have to disconnect and reconnect for use the rocket-propelled elytra flight.


The vanilla ore generation is fully configurable with the "ores" config.


The Biome generation is also fully configurable in the "Biomes" config.


Those features can also be configured in the "customize" GUI when creating a new world.


Planned Features :

 - Support of Botania Garden of Glass

 - Support all modded Biomes.

 - Improve the biome generator (support all modded Biomes, make biome generation depends on temperature and humidity).

 - Add caves, dungeons, villages and structures


If you find any issues using the mod please repport it on the curseforge issues tracker.

Also if you have any ideas of what can improve the mod don't hesitate to tell it me in the comments below.


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