Skye's Bakery - Donuts, Cakes & More!

22,959 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2



Small Update 2.0.2 before larger one

Re-textured the Earth Shaker Donut and added Earthshaker Pretzel & Baumkuchen. Added Icebreaker selection of same items.


Legend says that the Earth Shaker Donut was originally baked in an active volcano in Africa. It was created by a person who is only known as "Ursula". The donut was created in an experiment to create a product which could enhance human capabilities of withstanding high heat. It includes a secret ingredient which is only referred to as N26. The donut tastes like dry volcanic rock but is incredibly healthy and enhances the human capabilities to withstand high heat for a short period of time. Earth Shaker Pretzel and Baumkuchen came into production shortly after the first succesful batch of Earth Shaker Donuts.

Meanwhile in Siberia, an unknown scientist developed another special donut in attempt to enhance the resistance of human skin and make the skin withstand hits and wear in combat. The scientist experimented on this under dangerously low temperatures which eventually caused his death. The project was then picked up by the scientist's assistant who finished the project in safer circumstances and was able to produce the first batch of Icebreaker Donuts. These donuts taste like sharp icicles and are freezing cold but are also quite healthy and increase the resistance of human skin for a short period of time. The assistant later created Pretzel and Baumkuchen of this kind too, inspired by the work of Ursula's Earth Shaker products.


Earth Shaker & Icebreaker materials are inspired by a game called Warface. 


If you have a new idea for a bakery item, please share the idea in the comments section. ^_^

It might get included in the mod if the idea is good. You can also make the item and its texture by yourself if you really want.

Fan-made donuts / bakery foods so far and credits:


Ender Donutidea and texture by: Dark5010






This is my first mod which I created with the assist of a program called Mcreator (Thanks for Pylo for creating such a great program), because I have no coding experience at all.



Main Crafting Recipes:


After you've crafted the raw versions of these items, simply put them into furnace to get the cooked ones.



For additional recipes and to see what's available, use creative and/or recipe mod. I'm open for any ideas or requests if you want to make a difference.


The mod should work fine without any problems, but if you encounter a problem, even thought I don't have any experience in coding, I can try to help you if you provide me with the crash report and tell me what's wrong.




Additional Credits:


PYLO   -   for Mcreator program which built this mod's code and made it playable.

edoudou14   -   for Venice map where I shot some of the pictures for items on update images. You can download the map here: Venice Map by edoudou14




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