Skye's Bakery - Donuts, Cakes & More!

86,748 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

NOTE: I am planning to update this to 1.16.4+ and forward but for now there is only a snapshot version that is not recommended for production of Mcreator program available, which this mod is dependent on for the coding part. We'll see when this gets to 1.16.4+, hopefully soon. 



If you have a new idea for a bakery item, please share the idea in the comments section. ^_^

It might get included in the mod if the idea is good. You can also make the item and its texture by yourself if you really want.

Fan-made donuts / bakery foods so far and credits:


Ender Donutidea and texture by: Dark5010



This is my first mod which I created with the assist of a program called Mcreator (Thanks for Pylo for creating such a great program), because I have no coding experience at all.


For recipes and to see what's available, use creative and/or recipe mod. I'm open for any ideas or requests if you want to make a difference.


The mod should work fine without any problems, but if you encounter a problem, even thought I don't have any experience in coding, I can try to help you if you provide me with the crash report and tell me what's wrong.



Additional Credits:


PYLO   -   for Mcreator program which built this mod's code and made it playable.

edoudou14   -   for Venice map where I shot some of the pictures for items on update images. You can download the map here: Venice Map by edoudou14 


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