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This mods add a new blocks to the game and some new recipes and archievements.


1. Dirt Extractor

1.1 Recipe

The Dirt Extractor is a block that you can craft. It allows you to extract iron nuggets from dirt.

The recipe is very simple :

Dirt Extractor Recipe

You can make it with any type of wooden planks and a dirt in the center.

1.2 Use

When you right-click this block, it opens that GUI:

Dirt Extractor GUI


You have to place a dirt in the slot oh right and then you need to remove it from the slot to extract.

Example Dirt Extractor Use


It's gonna give you coarse dirt and an iron nugget.


2. Recipes

2.1 Recipes

That mod adds new recipes to craft coarse dirt and dirt.


Coarse Dirt:

Coarse Dirt Recipe

You can craft dirt too from coarse dirt:

Dirt Recipe

That all for the mod. You can use it with The Floor Is Lava plugin for a better experience.


If you have issues or you want to help me working on this mod, you can DM me on Discord. My tag is Doughston#4999.


Thank you for downloading !