Skulls and Monkeys

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v2.1.0+ The Banana Jones Update! Now you can follow in the footsteps of that famous explorer, Banana Jones, as he searches for fortune and glory, or at least to recover what should belong in a museum. If you want, you can don his explorer’s hat and boots, and if you’re planning to brave the jungle, you’ll need a machete and Banana Jones’ trusty sidearm, a Weatherford. If you’re out in the wilds of the world, you may even encounter the legend himself!

v2.0.0+ for MC 1.16.5 and 1.15.2 The Skulleton Returns and New Mystical Monkey Mischief!!!** Skulls and Monkeys for 1.16.5 (and 1.15.2) is a bit different from the 1.12 release, as it focuses solely on the addition of the skulleton and its undead parts, bananas, banana trees, monkeys and of course, those pesky mystical monkeys. They’ve developed new gadgets and are more dangerous than ever! But if you’re more clever than the monkeys, you can get those gadgets for yourself. Explore the jungle to find their monkey fortress, or search for the rare stone tree tomb for an undead challenge. There’s lots of fun advancements you can earn too.

Be aware that this mod aims for game balance but also to introduce some fun and highly useful items for players. For maximum fun, play Skulls and Monkeys on survival, so you can discover the mystical monkey’s secrets in-game. The JEI mod is recommended for recipes, although I will try to add a guide at some point.

v.1.x.x for MC 1.12.2 plus Skulls Extras v1.x.x Deep in the dark boughs of the jungle, the mystical monkeys fiercely guard their lair. You may meet one and think, 'Oh, they're so cute. And friendly'. But they get bigger, and more un-friendly. These are not your grandpa's monkeys. These are mystical monkeys, with secrets to keep. And they're coming. They are expanding into other lands. What do they want?
It also recreates some items with permission from brilliant mods from previous Minecraft versions, such as the Emerald Mod, TLSpecialArmor and Wrench in the Works. Skulls Extras from v1.6.0+ is the Banana Jones update!

CREDITS Special thanks to Technovision (previously known as Loremaster), Harry Talks and TurtyWurty for their tutorials without which this mod wouldn't have been possible. This mod is based (with permission) partly on ideas from hackbaellchen's must-have 1.7.10 Emerald Mod, and the TLSpecialArmor mod by TeeLuk and pitman-87 (permission sought). I'd like to credit fishg for his ideas (on the MC Forum), especially with regards to monkey behaviour and on the importance of taking a stand against poaching, Benios912 for his models and art that my monkeys are based on (check out his work on DeviantArt), and credit LittleRainySeasons (on for her generous sharing of the sound that I've used for the Mystical Monkeys' death sound. The rat sounds were made from the work of Nakhas (on which was available through the Attribution Noncommercial License at I'd like to credit swordglowsblue for sharing with me the texture of his block wrench and his Wrench in the Works mod is the place to go for the wrench for MC1.10 and 1.11. The use of 'Stish' and his home was done as a tribute, and permission has been sought as a courtesy. I'd also like to acknowledge some coincidental similarities with the fun BananaWorld mod by ForgeUser26903630, which is available for 1.7.10 and is in development for 1.12.2. Please support all of these amazing people if you are able. Finally, even though he didn't use any mods, it's inspired by and dedicated to Mike Szczys for his brilliant Getting to the End Minecraft series.

For the Skulls Extra v1.3 update, I'd like to credit the following creative and generous people whose work can be found on Roses1401 for the granny ambient sound; HumanSolarian for the granny hurt sound; the talented michellelindemann1 for the granny death sound; esperar, Nox_Sound, Replix, Artmasterrich and nuncaconoci (brilliant!) for the various guard sounds. Also, thanks to tiffyany417, MeineLila, Sakopova24, Ihaveacatnamedrrr and Muasew for their fantastic granny skins on Minecraftskins (permissions sought, given by MeineLila). Thanks!

FORGOTTEN CREDIT: Apologies and big thanks to plantdesigns for allowing me to use their custom skin for Planty. Try out plantdesigns' skins for yourself at

BANANA JONES UPDATE: Special thanks for the custom blocks shared freely by Northwesttrees Gaming (check out his building tutorial series at Skull of Skarius, barrow blade, cultist axe, carved skull block are all original models. Banana Jones Hat and Machete Original models, but inspired by the ‘classy fedora’ and machete (‘traverse dense jungles faster’) from the must-have 1.710 mod Adventure Backpack by Darkona (and continued by Tiviac1337 although it no longer has the adventurer gear, still must-have). Weatherford and bullet are original models based on film props of a certain heroic archaeologist. Graphics- stefan2063 (Banana Jones), Thatbox (cultist, check out their uploaded skins at Sounds- Nioczkus (Weatherford), bcginn (ammo box), hughesj333 (BJ amb and death), AncientWarrior (BJ hurt), Madmightywhitey (cultist amb), qubodup (cultist hurt, OuchPain Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license), Robinhood76 (cultist death)

_*any credit that hasn't been given is unintentional. If you think that might be some of your work, please let me know and I'll include it if I've used it_


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