Skeleton Tweaks

30,710 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

    Skeleton Tweaks

    Skeletons are annoying. Their damage is very difficult to avoid without a shield, and they often shoot

    you from impossible angles or as you're turning corners.

    This mod aims to make skeletons less of a pain, while keeping them fairly dangerous.


    Skeletons are now a melee enemy who carry stone swords instead of bows.

    Skeletons have 10 health instead of the default 20.

    Skeletons have a %50 chance to not spawn when they otherwise would have.    

    These tweaks are fully configurable. You can turn each of them off as you wish, as well as configure the

    spawn chance and health of skeletons through the config file.

    Do not be fooled! This mod does not make fighting skeletons any easier. Their new niche among Minecraft's

    enemies is as a glass cannon. Stone swords are no joke. They deal a lot of damage. They will kill an unarmored

    player in 3-4 hits, and deal 2 hearts of damage to a player in full iron armor (Zombies deal 2 hearts of damage to

    unarmored players.)