Sink or Swim

5,987 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

A small CLIENT SIDED Minecraft mod used to disable swimming.

sink or swim banner


Armor will now drag you down!

Be careful while swimming in rivers, oceans, and beaches!

Use enchants, potions, or baubles to keep afloat!


The purpose of this client sided mod is to make water a little more interesting.  It disables swimming in certain biomes like rivers, swamps, beaches, and oceans, and disables swimming in any water, no mater what biome, when you are wearing certain heavy pieces of armor.  Certain enchantments, potions, and baubles will let you swim in those biomes or armors.  Enchants like Depth Strider and Respiration and potion effects like Water Breathing and Levitation can come in hand now.  This mod is also highly configurable, and all of these variables can be edited via a series of whitelists or blacklists for custom maps, modpacks, or play-throughs in the config file.


Config options include:

What armors you can swim in.

What enchantments on your armor can allow you to swim.

What potion effects will help you swim.

What baubles will keep you afloat.


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