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Update on the future of my mods (sorry) -> https://twitter.com/joshiejack/status/1590487547289178112

TLDR: Can't find time anymore even though I would have loved to have finished my projects

Anyone is free to take over my mods if they so desire


Simply Seasons is the season adding element of the Harvest Festival collection. It adds seasons, blizzards and fog. The mod is compatible with Serene Seasons or Better Weather 2 (not 1 as of 1.0.10). You'll still get the parts of this mod like the HUD (must be enabled in config as of 1.0.12), seasonal music option, inactive bees in winter (unless you have Resourceful Bees) or varying day length based on season. But the other mod will control the seasons colours/crop growth, etc or the weather where applicable. Otherwise this mod will control the colours of the seasons, crop growth and others. This mod also supports Botany Pots (latest beta versions only), preventing their growth in the incorrect seasons. 


Fishing Datapacks




See the wiki for more information






Note: Harvest Festival is being split up in to it's separate components. This mod is the season element and requires Penguin-Lib. More information about this change and features of this mod can be found on https://harvestfestivalwiki.com/



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