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Simply Hammers is mod about fast and comfort mining (including a new way of searching ores). This mod allows you craft hammers from different materials. They give you an amazing opportunity of mining 3x3 blocks. If you broke your hammer, it won’t disappear and you’ll get broken hammer, which you can repair with its repair material (e.g.: Copper Hammer repairs with copper ingot, Stone Hammer – with cobblestone, etc.) You can make your hammer better with a great variety of upgrades. Also, there is such an interesting tool, as Prospector’s Pick. It allows you to find ore deposits.


In this mod you can change characteristics of different hammers and add your own ones. For such aims, there is a json massive (you can find it there: /config/SimplyHammers/Hammers.json). If you want to change basic or add your own hammers, you can use json config file. Just do everything as in example below.

ATTENTION! To add upgrade to your hammer, just put hammer and upgrade for it into the crafting window.

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Upgrade list:


Trash – this upgrade is a filter for those things, which you dig. It has two positions: normal and inverted. In the first position, if you open the upgrade (right-click with upgrade in your hand), you can make a list of those things, which will be deleted, after you will mine them. E.g.: if you have cobblestone there, you won’t get it after breaking a stone block, it will be automatically deleted. And, if this upgrade will be inverted (just add a redstone torch in the crafting window), all things, except those, which are in that list, will be deleted. E.g.: if you have cobblestone there, you’ll get only cobblestone to your inventory. Nothing else, as any other things will be deleted. Also, you can use this upgrade just in your inventory. It will work in the same way, but with ALL things, which can get to your inventory.


Auto-smelt – this upgrade works as furnace, for those things, which you mine. It will smelt everything that has smelting recipe. Be attentive! If you play with mods, and they add some smelting recipes, they will be used, too! This upgrade has two positions, too. In normal position, it will smelt everything, which is in its smelting list (or everything, if there is nothing there) and in inverted position, it will smelt everything, except that things, which are in that list.

Vacuum – if you use this upgrade all items, which were dug, would be automatically placed directly to your inventory. It is very comfortable if you want dig something near lave or great hole.

Multitool – you can give qualities of different tools (shovel ore axe) to your hammer. To do this, you need to combine your hammer with that tool, which you need. Attention! Breaking speed of soil or wood and harvest level depends on speed and harvest level of that tool, which you use.

Torch – you can combine any torch (really, any, it can be torch from vanilla or glowstone torch from Galacticraft, there is no matter) with your hammer. After it on right-click with your hammer you’ll put a torch, if you have it in your inventory.

Diamond – it just increases durability of hammer (+ 500 Durability).

Dye – you can paint your hammer with any color you want, just using any dye.



Special items:

Loupe Name – it shows time of block update in nanoseconds.

Prospector’s Pick – you can use it to find ore deposits. It searches for ores in radius 21x21x21 blocks. It starts scanning from that block on which you are clicking. Then, it goes spirally to the second layer and so on.

There are some special hammers for other mods:
Blood Hammer – this hammer uses 5 LP from your blood net per every broken block. But, if you use enchantment “Unbreaking”, you can decrease the usage of LP. Calculation formula – 50/ (“enchant level” + 1). To craft this hammer, you need to do Binding ritual with any hammer. After it you’ll get Blood Hammer with the same characteristics as hammer which was used in the ritual. All upgrades will be saved.

EU Hammer – this hammer uses 20 eU per every broken block. Its capacity is 2024000 eU. Its characteristics depend on that drill (From IC2, of course) which was used in crafting. You can also decrease the usage of eU by using enchantment “Unbreaking”. Calculation formula – 20/ (“enchant level” + 1).
RF Hammer – this hammer uses 200 RF per every broken block. It’s capacity is 8096000 RF. Its harvest level is 3 (obsidian). You can also decrease the usage of RF by using enchantment “Unbreaking”. Calculation formula – 200/ (“enchant level” + 1).
Temporal Hammer – its craft is similar to Temporal pickaxe (Clockwork Phase mod). Characteristics are also the same.




If you donate more than $ 2, I can add a personal hammer (required texture or color of the hammer), or to add some functionality to MTUtils. Just your name is in the credits of one of my modifications.


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