Simply Crafting

1,741 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds one block and one block only and its the Simply Crafter.

The Simply Crafter is a crafting table that automatically crafts things and

does simply not use power, any energy, complicated setting or anything special

apart from the automation of item transport(a hopper or any mods' systems).


The crafter is not a ticking tile entity and caches it's recipe on the block. Actual

crafting happens only on item extraction if the recipe can craft using the current

crafting grid. Crafting also has no speed limits nor processing time so as long

as you can supply the Simply Crafter with items as fast as you're extracting the

result, you can make your system as fast as you want!


Items pumped into the crafter will automagically go in their respective slots and

will not stack to more than 1 item per slot with the use of smart filters, allowing

for easy automation with no special weird item balancing algorithms and simple

extraction of off products such as empty buckets or crafting tools.


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