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The Simply Coffee Mod, is simply stated in the title :)


Note: This mod is not referencing to the Simply Tea mod, in which I did not know of its existence until practically finishing this mod, and I had already chosen its name. 


Finally! We get what we have always wanted, Coffee. I made this mod mainly because this was missing, and I wanted to drink this bean juice.


This mod adds Coffee plants, a white mug, a glass mug, and paper cups to drink your Java.

Who doesn't want Coffee?


All recipes are visible with the Just Enough Items mod. 


The first step is to find a Coffee Fruit, this is obtained by breaking grass until it is dropped like seeds but more rarely.
This fruit can be used to plant a Coffee plant or to make a cup of coffee.


Coffee is grown by placing the fruit into the crafting grid with a clay pot and dirt to turn it into a potted plant.



To get more Coffee Fruit, place the plant into the crafting table with bone meal to get 3 fruits. This will not consume the plant.


By placing a Coffee fruit into the crafting grid, it will produce two Raw Coffee Beans.


Now it needs to be roasted, place it into the furnace to get a Roasted Coffee Bean.


Now we need a Mortar and Pestle to grind the Beans



Now we will grind the roasted beans, but don't worry, the Mortar and Pestle does not get consumed.


Now we need to make a Ceramic Mug. Use the recipe below to create a clay mug.


Smelting Quartz in a furnace will make Melted Quartz, and using the recipe below will make a Ceramic Mug ready for coffee!



Or you could make a Glass mug which functions exactly like a Ceramic Mug.


With a water bottle or bottle potion in your inventory, right click with a Mug in your main hand to fill it with water. Your items will spawn on the ground so be sure to pick them up.


This action will consume any bottle potions in your inventory, so make sure you have this in mind.


In the crafting table, add grounds to the Mug with Water to make "Unbrewed Coffee".
Place the "Unbrewed" Coffee into the furnace to get Black Coffee which can be drunk.

Keep in mind that a Glass mug uses the same recipes.





Now you can drink Coffee!! You will get your cup back after drinking, so don't worry :)

Place the Hot Coffee in the Crafting grid with Milk, and or Sugar in any order (and shapeless) to make the following:

(In any order, I mean you can make Coffee with Sugar first, then add Milk to that to make Coffee, Milk, and Sugar or add Milk and Sugar to Hot Coffee to make it as well)

Each Drink has a Potion Effect! See below



Item                                                                                                                 Effect                      Duration


Black Coffee                                                                   = Haste, Jump-Boost                                   2min.             

Coffee and Sugar                                                          = Haste, Speed                                             2min.
Coffee and Milk                                                             = Haste, Strength                                        2min.
Coffee, Milk, and Sugar                                               = Speed, Strength                                        2min.
Espresso                                                                         = Haste, Jump-Boost                                   4min.

Double Shot Espresso                                                  = Haste, Jump-Boost                                   8min.

Iced Coffee                                                                     =Speed, Strength, Fire-Resistance           3min.


Coffee with Milk



Coffee with Sugar



Coffee, Milk, and Sugar



You can also add Sugar to Coffee with Milk to get this



Espresso is made with extra coffee added to Unbrewed Coffee, and then brewed in the furnace. Espresso has Haste, and also lasts longer than Black Coffee.

Espresso can not be drunk from Paper Cups.



Double Shot Espresso is made with extra coffee added to Espresso Coffee, and then brewed in the furnace. Double Shot Espresso has a longer duration effect than Espresso.

Espresso can not be drunk from Paper Cups.



Cappuccino is made from Double Shot Espresso, Frothed Milk, and Sugar. (Note: Glass mugs can be used as well)



To make frothed milk, you will have to make a milk frother.



Next, you have to put milk into a bowl. (Note: This will not consume your bucket)


Now make the frothed milk.


Iced Coffee is made with the Coffee, Milk and Sugar item, a glass cup and a block of ice.

But first you will have to make a glass cup.



Iced Coffee Recipe.


Paper Cups are less expensive than Ceramic Mugs and are stack able unlike mugs with coffee, but aren't reusable.  Paper cups use five papers and makes five paper cups.




To use a paper cups, right click it with Black Coffee in a Ceramic Mug in your inventory to fill it (you will get your mug back), and again, make sure to pick up your new items.

When filling the Paper cups, it only fills it with Black Coffee  from a Ceramic Mug if you have it in your inventory.


You can now add milk and sugar to it,  just as if it were a mug.




1.4.1 :   


The original planting system has been removed and a inventory based has been added in its place.


All blocks have been removed (3D Coffee cups, and Plants)


Now this version is Server and Client compatible... Yay!



This Mod and all textures made for this mod, are made by me, the author of this mod, and are not to be reproduced, re-posted, sold, or used in any other mod without permission.



Credit to MCreator, in which this mod was made.




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