Simple Fluid Tanks

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Simple Fluid Tanks is a mod that allows you to store fluids in an expandable multiblock structure. It is best used in conjunction with other, usually tech related mods.



  • No fixed layout. Build in almost any size and shape you want.
  • Compatible with mods that support the Forge Fluid API.
  • Comparator support.
  • In-game mod configuration.


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  • Download and install Forge
  • Download the mod and place the jar in your mods folder



Default recipes can be changed using data packs.

Fluid Tank (glass, iron ingots)

Valve (slimeballs, iron ingots, fluid tank)

Wrench (iron ingots)




The multiblock structure

To build a functional tank you start by placing as many tank blocks as you want. The only important thing to note here, is that placing them diagonally won't work. They have to be directly adjacent to at least one other tank block. When you try it yourself, you'll probably notice that they're not rendered with connected textures. That's to indicate that they're not yet part of a multiblock tank. To complete the multiblock structure you simply place a valve block directly adjacent to one of the fluid tanks. You'll notice that the fluid tanks are now all connected.


Every tank block by default has a capacity of 32 buckets. The valve also counts as a tank adding to the total capacity. To increase the capacity of an existing multiblock tank, place more tank blocks then rightclick the valve with the wrench. To remove tank blocks from the structure, sneak rightclick them with a wrench. If there's not enough capacity left to store all the fluid after removing a tank, the excess fluid will be lost.

The valve

There can be only one valve per multiblock structure. Putting fluid into a tank or getting it out can only be done via the valve. To do so, either use buckets or transportation methods added by other mods that use Forge's Fluid API (e.g. some sort of pipes). To get an indication how full the tank is, or for automation purposes, you can place a comparator next to a valve. It works exactly like it does with chests. The fuller the tank, the stronger the emitted signal.



  • Can you add some sort of upgrades please? I want to store stupid amounts of fluid!
  • Probably not gonna happen. Build a bigger / more tanks or increase the tank block capacity in the config.
  • Can I put your mod in a modpack?
  • Yes.


Bug reports & source

Bugs can be reported here.
Source code can be downloaded from here.


Special Thanks

Thanks to Boidrix for the Valve block textures and helping me with the fluid distribution algorithm.



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