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Simple Difficulty


Adds a temperature and thirst mechanic.

Now that Tough as Nails has discontinued uncertain development, this is an alternative meant to work in a similar fashion.


(note: Some art is not final)

(Testing and suggestions are welcomed!)

(API suggestions are also welcomed)



This mod is compatible with the below mods, and should be able to support others (items can be configured in various ways via commands in-game or the config folder)

If you would like a mod to be compatible (or configured by default), let me know and I'll see what I can do.

(compatible / configured)

Armor Underwear
Biomes O' Plenty
EnhancedVisuals (thanks to CreativeMD and fonnymunkey!)
First Aid (thanks to ichttt!)
Harvest Festival Legacy
Lycanites Mobs
Ore Excavation
Pam's HarvestCraft
Potion Core
Realistic Torches
Serene Seasons
Simple Camp Fire
Tinkers' Construct


Resource Packs

128x Simple-Difficulty


Known Issues

Development is very slow (sorry)