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Filename [1.8] SimpleCore API v1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by skrallexy
Uploaded Aug 20, 2015
Game Version 1.8
Size 393.20 KB
Downloads 34,197
MD5 95feebaea38d77d088ca2fbe12b78443
Supported Java Versions
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


Version 1.2.0
-Updated to Minecraft 1.8.
-Added a new RenderItemHelper class for rendering items/blocks easily in 1.8+.
-Added a new, improved version of the XML Config system. Much more stable and versatile.
-Added a new TooltipHelper class, so tooltips can be added to Blocks and Items easier.
-Significantly improved bow zoom for all bows extending SimpleBow.