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What's this mod about?

This client mod manages your tools while you mine, in both single player and multiplayer.
You can look for diamonds without stopping to change your tools every dirtblock!

  • It automatically changes your handhelt tool if you got a better one to break the facing block
  • It switches  to your silktouch or fortune tools whenever you meet an important ore
  • It can be toggled on and off by pressing a custom key
  • It supports shovels, axes, pickaxes and shears
  • Define which block should be mined which tool
  • It switches back to the Block you used before, if desired

Mining with Effi5 and Haste2 beacon.


Review by JSQ - Epic Minecraft!


How to install the mod?

1. Make sure Forge is installed
2. Put the jar in your mods folder
3. Run the game!
4. Mine without stopping!

How to use the mod?

1. Customize the key to toggle autoswitch on or off in your minecraft-controls

2. Customize the key to toggle backswitch on or off in your minecraft-controls
3. Put the tools you want use into your hotbar and activate autoswitch. Also activate backswitch if desired.
4. Profit!


How to customize the mod?

You can easy customize this mod. Just navigate to the modoptions by clicking onto "Mods" in your mainmenu. Then choose "SimpleAutoSwitch" and click onto "Config". Dont forget to press the "Done" button, after executing some changes.

You got 3 different categories.
1. Enchant
Here you can store the Blocks that should be mined with Fortune or Silktouch.
Just put the ID of the block into the list. Notice, that just numbers are allowed.
Metadata, like 1:3 is not supported.

2. Order
This part is to change the ranking, in which the mod will use your enchanted tools for specific blocks.
Lets have an example:
We take the "Order for Fortuneblocks" option. That means that all blocks, which we placed in the "Enchant -Fortune Block IDs" will be mined with tools considering this order.
If we hit an diamondore, the mod will first check, if  you got an efficiency-fortune-pickaxe. If you have one, it will change to it. Else it will check for an fortune-pickaxe. After that it will search for an efficiency-silktouch-pickaxe and so on. Quiet simple.

Notice: if you let the textfield empty, the mod will only search for an efficiency-pickaxe.

3. Tool
Here you should store the blocks, which should be mined with the specific tool.

Here we go! Have fun using this mod :)


I guess i have to say: Dont post this mod without me in the credits and a link to this side.



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