Simple Tcon

401,078 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 9, 2020 Game Version: Forge

Adds support for the Simple Ores and fusion addon to Tinkers Construct.

Adds Tinkers Materials for the simple ores and fusions tools.

Mythril, Adamantium, Onyx, Thyrium and Sinisite Tinkers tools!

Optionaly adds zinc ore and brass that Tinkers Construct will be able to use to make casts rather than gold. 

Optionaly adds the ability to create fusion alloys in the smeltery(disabled by default) 

Mythril and Adamantium support ore processing in the smeltery.

Tool stats can be set in the config.

Netherrocks support with some placeholder traits.

Bows now supported


When updating from 1.1 or older to 1.2+ you must regenerate the configs

New world recommended when updating to 2.0


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