Simple Splash Screen is a mod that allows you to completely customize the Minecraft Loading screen. It allows you to add your own colors, images, logo and even your own custom progress bar. This mod is basically a Forge port of the original Custom Splash Screen mod by Motschen.

Please note, on forge this mod will only take effect once the forge pre-loading screen is done. This screen of forge is hidden behind non-accessible code, so as such, no modifications can be made to it without causing a crash risk.

If you need help to configure this mod, please check out the rest of this documentation, or alternative, you can join my discord server and ask for help in the "simple-splash-screen" channel.

If you find a bug, or have any suggestions, then you can also Log a ticket. If you'd like to contribute to the mod, you can find the Source Code on github.

Test Builds (Builds with bug fixes/new features that haven't been released yet, can be found HERE

Custom Background

Custom Background and Loading Bar

You are allowed to include this mod in your modpack, BUT, all downloads have to go through this Curseforge page. You are not allowed to re-upload the mod to any other sites.

You are free to clone the code and distribute the mod as your own, but I ask that you please change the name and do not use any of my official docs/resources.